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What Does it Take to Get a Job?

About Resume Images Outplacement

standout employee
standout employee

Resume Images Outplacement is a division of Resume Images, LLC, a privately held provider of outplacement and resume writing services. Resume Images Outplacement is a relatively new organization that offers the services of traditional outplacement, but also utilizes current technology and methods proven to help job seekers find the right opportunities around the world. Although no service can guarantee perfect success for all individuals, Resume Images can provide a clear advantage for today’s executives, business and technical professionals and even clerical and the general labor workforce.

What We Do

  • Career Analysis
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Resume Writing / Job Application Material
  • Job Searching
  • Applying for a Job
  • Interviewing
  • Evaluating Offers
  • Starting New Employment

Who Do We Help

  • C-Level and Other Executives
  • Professional
  • Technical
  • Clerical
  • Middle Management
  • Sales
  • Trade
  • General Labor

“Employers hire the right attitudes”

Outplacement Services

Resume Images provides a great deal of services essential to all who are searching for their next job. In todays job market it is important to have the right resume and supporting documents, the latest methods in searching for a position, the essential expertise for interviewing and, if appropriate, negotiating a job offer. With the extremely competitive job market, it has become necessary to have a coach or assistant to help you through your job searching activities.

Essential Eight

  1. Career Analysis
  2. Compensation Analysis
  3. Resume Writing/Job Application Material
  4. Job Searching
  5. Applying for a Job
  6. Interviewing
  7. Evaluating Offers
  8. Starting New Employment

Depending on your profession and/or work status, we will determine how to customize your journey to your next employment opportunity. Properly applied, each of the Essential Eight categories above will assist you in finding your next job in the shortest amount of time.

Career Analysis

Resume Images Outplacement professionals will assist you with a self-assessment to determine how your skills, experience, credentials and interests fit the job market in your search geography. You may determine that to obtain the next job you wish to pursue may require additional training or formal education. You may determine that relocation may be a necessity to obtain the type of position you desire. You may decide that a new career or type of job may be the direction you wish to pursue to meet your other life objectives. Finally you may feel you just need a job!

“You are always interviewing”

Compensation Analysis

If you have lost your previous employment, or you are pursuing new employment for another reason, you need to consider the pay, benefits and other compensation changes that may be required. It is important to understand what you should expect or how you should prepare for a change in your expected compensation.

Resume Writing/Job Application Material

Whether you are a professional which needs a formal Resume or CV, or you just need to have the appropriate material to complete an employment application, Resume Images Outplacement will assist you in your personal information preparation. Our Human Resource and other Executive coaches are able to supply you with the tools to document all the information you will need to apply for jobs. If you need to format a Resume, you will be given access to our online resources to prepare one of the most successful resume formats in the market.

Job Searching

Job searching has changed tremendously over the last decade, and it continues to change as new resources are developed. Resume Images Outplacement will supply documentation on how to search for online posted employment. Dozens of websites listing tens of thousands of jobs will be supplied. In addition, several other methods will be documented for you to effectively search for your next employment opportunity.

Applying for a Job

Applying for a job is more than sending your resume or completing an application. Although the format of a resume and how an application is completed is important, to whom the information is sent and the proper way to follow-up is also critical to the process. Applying for a job is a multi-step process. When applying for a job it takes a 100% effort to get to that very next step – the interview.


Probably the most valuable information you will receive from Resume Images Outplacement will be the advice given regarding interviewing. Preparing for the interview, appropriate dress, topics to discuss and not to discuss, personal actions and many other topics will be covered in this valuable exchange of information.

“No substitute for hard work”

Evaluating Offers

Whether you are professional that has negotiated many offers and deals, or a person who is looking at a general labor job, you must understand what you should consider before accepting or rejecting an offer. Resume Images Outplacement can’t make the decision for you, but we can supply a general list of considerations that should be taken into account.

Starting New Employment

So you have received an offer of employment and you have accepted that offer, now what? You are a new employee who must understand that there is probably a probation period, whether you have been told there is one or not. You certainly need to convince your new employer that you can and will do the job. You must be prepared for the unexpected. Resume Images Outplacement will share documentation on how to successfully start a new job.