Individual Services

“What does it take to compete?”

Individual Services

individual hiring
individual hiring

Resume Images offers a great deal of flexibility in outplacement services for our individual clients that are not receiving these services through a current or previous employer. Every person has a different story and unique requirements. Resume Images can customize services to meet your needs at a budget you can afford. You no longer need to be at a disadvantage to corporate sponsored candidates in the job market

What Type of Services Are Available

We have full set of services we call the Essential Eight. These services include:

  1. Career Analysis
  2. Compensation Analysis
  3. Resume Writing/Job Application Material
  4. Job Searching
  5. Applying for a Job
  6. Interviewing
  7. Evaluating Offers
  8. Starting New Employment

If you are a senior executive or other professional who needs a comprehensive employment search plan, or if you are general labor or clerical employee who just needs to know what is expected to apply for a job and fill out an application… we can help you!

How Are Services Delivered

Usually, services are delivered by phone and through the use of the internet. However, services can be designed to be delivered in person if you are near one of our offices.

How Do Our Service Differ from Most Outplacement Firms

We offer one of the most comprehensive, yet efficiently delivered programs in the industry. In addition, we partner with Professional Recruiting and other firms to assist with placement of employment candidates.